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Auction Fees
Listing Fee
From Rs1.00 To Above 0.00%
End of Auction Fee - Paid by Seller
From Rs1.00 To Rs100.00 7.00%
From Rs101.00 To Rs5,000.00 6.00%
From Rs5,001.00 To Rs100,000.00 5.00%
From Rs100,001.00 To Rs1,000,000,000.00 1.50%
Additional Category Fee Rs1.00
Images Upload Fee Rs1.00
Highlighted Item Fee Rs1.00
Bold Item Fee Rs1.00
Category Featured Fee Rs1.00
Home Page Featured Fee Rs100.00
Item Swap Fee Rs10.00
Buy Out Fee Rs1.00
Make Offer Fee Rs1.00
Custom Start Time Fee Rs1.00
Media Upload Fee Rs10.00
Digital Download Fee Rs1.00
Relisting Fees Reduction 40.00%
Wanted Ad Setup Fee Rs1.00

Store Account Types
Basic Store 20 items, Price: Rs100.00, recurring every 30 days, [ Featured Store ]
Advance Store 50 items, Price: Rs500.00, recurring every 30 days, [ Featured Store ]
Premium Store 100 items, Price: Rs1,000.00, recurring every 30 days, [ Featured Store ]

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